Si te encuentras en Eslovaquia y te apetece disfrutar de arte, 
estás invitado a la exposición.

We would like to invite you to the exhibition

 93 young artists from Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech, Poland, Romanian, Spain, Greece, Japan, India and USA.

Exhibition presented: From 7th October to 30th October 2011. Open daily from 12 am to 4 pm.
 free entry

Opening: Friday, 7th October 2011 at 7 pm in

HOUSE OF ARTS PIESTANY, Nábrežie Ivana Kraska 1, 921 01 Piestany, Slovakia


                YOUNG ART SHOW is an exhibition of modern art providing the space for communication and presentation of young and novice artists in world-famous spa town Piešťany. The project is primarily aimed at students and graduates of domestic and foreign schools of art. A part of current Slovak and foreign art scene preview is offered to the audience.

The first goal of YOUNG ART SHOW is to help young authors to present their works. Get awareness for their personality and work. The exhibition is a way for young artists to reach their audience and communicate with it. This is mostly the opportunity to enter the stage and play own show.

The second goal of YOUNG ART SHOW is the education activity. To excite the interest of audience made of residents and visitors of Piešťany.

Our major effort is to attract young audience, familiarize it with the current art happening and art thinking, to arouse greater interest about the events on Slovak as well as foreign art scene.


                The author of YOUNG ART SHOW 4 project, as well as all predecessor exhibitions, is Martin Ševčovič. During his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava he decided to help to present the works of his schoolmates. Also thanks to the cooperation with the Director of the House of Arts in Piešťany, Mrs. Edita Bjeloševičová, the CHARITY foundation represented by Grigor Ayrumyan, the town of Piešťany and, most of all, the project partners, the YOUNG ART SHOW can be realized.  
YOUNG ART SHOW 4 was preceded by seven similar exhibitions; YOUNG ART SHOW 3 in Octover 2010, YOUNG ART SHOW 2 in October 2009, YOUNG ART SHOW 1 in March 2009 and AFAD + guests in October 2008, exhibitions of AFAD students in March 2008, September 2007 in House of Arts and in August 2006 at the Fontána Gallery. 
Through these exhibitions 155 authors from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Poland, Romania, Greece, Spain, Senegal, Japan, India and USA presented their works in Piešťany. Exhibited works are created in various media and they represent different art disciplines, as paintings, graphics, photography, sculptures, objects, installation, textile design, visual communication, industrial design, glass, jewelry, ceramics and multimedia works.

One of the successes of young and novice artists’ presentations achieved through YOUNG ART SHOW are two exhibitions of Slovak YOUNG ART SHOW in Moscow. We are pleased that we transferred the YOUNG ART SHOW project and works of 14 chosen artists to the capital of the Russian Federation where they were exposed in 2011.

Thanks to all who helped and are helping to the successful realizing and implementing of YOUNG ART SHOW targets.

Young Art Show 4, exposición de arte moderno, invitación

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