Zigzag, zigzag, with scissors in hand I changed my style in engraving. Initially, the images emerged from the heart, instinctive strokes full of energy, passion and fury. Expressive prints and sincere chords to puberty become designed images, analyzed with an idea or a concept.

It was then, in autumn of 1996, during my stay  in Salamanca, when I came across a small shop at the corner and the windows were full of cutouts. That encounter dusted in my memory a box full of them that my grandmother kept at her home.

Zigzag, zigzag scissors in hand and boxes full of cutouts. They have recreate my imaginary, recalling a past, interweaved with feelings or relating little stories.

These scenes are built on paper and distilled through my pupil in a world of point and lines with barely a touch of color.

muneca recortable-patricia delgadosuceso I-grabado-expo-vertigo-patricia-delgado