Under the name of “The trunk of the White book”  there is a serie of illustrations LXIV-05-1997or drawings that fill my artist books. In November 1994, during my first year in Antwerp, I started to use them constantly until now;  these books are part of my daily life and they come with me all the time. Different sizes and personalities, a book with blank pages, waiting to be filled with all my experiences and emotions.

The drawings, which fill their white pages, are mostly uncompleted images, felt at the moment, auto biographical or not, casual and meaningless, dramatic, naive, linear, … and others, however, collect my ideas, my projects, cuts that I like or that I find; well … they are definitely for me unrepeatable and therefore the best ones I’ve created despite its technical flaws.


There is no other purpose in most of them, that to be part of the book and save a little bit of my thoughts and emotions.


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