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Backed by a long professional career in graphic arts, Patricia’s quality of her creative work and style of her own is her best identity mark.  
She specialised in chalcographic engraving and editing original prints. Part of her work has been destined to art galleries, local art spaces, editions for international projects or reserved for public and prívate collections, foundations and institutions.  
By making use of a miniaturized and renovated  scenario, aimed at bringing engraving nearer to the public, both prints and editions have been presented in new formats and materials which turn them into pieces.   I invite you to discover this thousand-year-old world, to appreciate it and enjoy a small piece of art.
Under the name “PD Illustrations”, Patricia Delgado presents a selection of her pictorial world in which she shrouds us with her touch and with the brevity and delicacy of her strokes, in harmony with a well-chosen array of colours. Patricia’s tender and nostalgic scenes are always pervaded with a gentle, playful sense of humour.